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Where We Stand

1. Commitment to Uganda

The National Unity Platform party is hell bent on leading the cause to reclaim the sovereignty of the people of Uganda who have endured a militarized dictatorship for the past 37 years. NUP seeks to restore civilian democracy and re-establish autonomy in the institutions of Uganda.

2. People Power movement

The People Power movement is a resistance political pressure group in Uganda. It is led by Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, also known as Bobi Wine, a former presidential candidate in the 2021 polls. The movement seeks to unite Ugandans on pertinent issues such as ending human rights abuse, corruption and redefining the rule of law, with a focus on young Ugandans. The movement was primarily sparked by the 2017 civil unrest with Yoweri Museveni's extended presidency, after he announced plans to amend article 102(b) of the Ugandan constitution in a bid to extend his third-longest tenure in Africa by seeking re-election in 2021.

3. Kunga Uganda

The 'Kunga' mobilization drive is one of the solid coordonation efforts by the National Unity Platform party in a bid to awaken and rally Ugandans to rise and stage civil disobedience to overhaul the status quo of the reigning regime. Kunga is under the informal sector led by Fred Nyanzi Ssentamu.

4. The Youth Wing

This is one of the most vibrant wings of the National Unity Platform party. It is led by Mityana municipality MP Zaake Francis Butebi, a frontline political activist who has numerous times survived state sanctioned torture and arrests.

5. The Women League

The women league is a testament of the nitio and of inclusiveness in the National Unity Platform party. It is led by the Kassanda district woman MP Flavia Kalule Nabagabe.

6. International Relationships

NUP as a party has a diaspora liaison desk through which it engages like minded pressure groups and parties across borders.

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